Friday, February 10, 2017

Strings Attached

Hello there everyone,

Here we are in the new year and good things are happening. First off, I really need to give a shout out to all the awesome people who came to our very first book reading. Thank you each and every one it meant more to me than you know. Pete, you did a wonderful job of making me sound interesting. I need to give a double shout to the decorating committee, you went above and beyond and gave me a really cool idea for my bedroom. Lol And another really huge thank you to those who have bought our book. (If you haven't yet, you can find the link on our website below)

                Lately I have been having some trouble coming up with things to talk about. For those of you who know me, I can see your look of skepticism. But it’s true, I confess it willingly. After much rumination on the subject it finally occurred to me that I have lots to talk about if I let you look behind the curtain so to speak. Not of me of course, ‘cause I’m as normal as the rest of you. But to let you see into the mind of Micky. See, we chat from time to time and she thinks about some pretty deep things. Let me tell you the latest.

                So, the other night a subject I… I mean she has pondered over the years came into focus a bit.  Years ago, Micky read a book on dreams and this theory that the people you dream about are dreaming about you at the same time. Interesting hypothesis. But, after asking many people who she had dreamed about the night before if they had dreamed about her and finding, disappointingly, that they hadn’t, it was discarded as false. She maintains that position to this day, but still finds the whole “dream connection” an interesting theory.

                Now she has a new theory. Have you ever had a dream about a person you’ve never met, or a place that you have never been to but you know it? Like the house looks different, but you know it’s your house kinda thing. Or, the person in the dream doesn’t look like your best friend, but, in the dream you know that it is. You still with me? So, the other night Micky was lying in bed looking at her shelf of favorite books, which includes a second edition Riverside Complete Works of Shakespeare (she told me to mention that) and right beside it sits her biography of Einstein, when it hit her. What if we apply String Theory to our dreams? Now I’m no expert on that and neither is Micky, but let’s say, hypothetically of course, that since String Theory allows for multiple dimensions of reality existing at the same time, what if, when we dream, we are able to cross those dimensions subconsciously?

                This would allow for simultaneous dreaming, but more interestingly it would explain how we know people and places in our dreams that we have never seen before. I know, right? Blows the mind.  Then, if you take it a step further, what if those other dimensions can subconsciously affect your mood? Like when you wake up in a bad mood for no good reason it could be because in an alternate universe someone hit your car while you were in Walmart and your insurance won’t cover it. This could be a major break though in… well in some field, I’m just not sure which one. And neither is Micky.

                But there you have it folks, that’s a glimpse behind the curtain of Micky’s mind. I’m not saying she’s right, but it sure gives ya something to think about if you’re so inclined. Click on follow on our website and you can find out more interesting things from the mind of Micky. As always, we would love to hear your theories as well.  Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Happiest Day of the Year is (almost) Here!

Welcome Back! Sorry we’ve been a little slow with the blogs lately. There’s been a lot going on, but I’m sure you’re all familiar with that problem. So how are you doing?
   It’s hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already. I have to admit, it’s my favorite holiday. I love cooking a huge meal for family and friends, even though lately it’s pretty much just been me and Keith. Oh, and the dog; can’t forget the dog. She appreciates a good turkey as much as the next girl. This year Michelle (the human writing partner, not my Dalmatian) and I are combining forces for the day so we can split up the leftovers. Thalia will have to work as usual, so she and her husband will celebrate together in the evening when she gets home.
             When I was young the highlight of Thanksgiving for me was that mom would break out her chex mix. She made it weeks earlier and put it in tins in the store room to wait for the holidays. It was torture. Now don’t confuse this with the recipes they publish now. They aren’t the same. Neither is the stuff you can buy in bags at the store. Not that they aren’t good, they just aren’t Mom’s. Fortunately, I have her recipe and someday I will gather the ingredients to make a batch. I just hope it lives up to my memories.

            What are you all doing for the holiday? Is it your favorite or just a prelude to Black-Friday shopping? You know, I have never gone out on Black Friday. I always had to work and then once I wasn’t working I couldn’t really afford to shop so I just stay home luxuriating in a tryptophan induced haze, watching holiday movies. It’s all good.

            Oh, one more question because, in case you haven’t noticed, food is a recurring theme around here. What is your favorite dish on Thanksgiving? After the bird itself, I favor the squash. We hope to hear from you. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's me again, Michelle

             Hi again to all. I got stuck out of town for a few days so I missed Dee’s apple adventure. Then I wrote this really cool blog, but forgot to save it and it ended up in cyber space somewhere. So you are just gonna have to trust me when I tell you it was brilliant; a Masterpiece for the ages. The gods wept over the beauty of phrasing and verse.
I tried to rewrite it, but it just wasn't the same. I mean it's like the portrait of the Mona Lisa. Yes, many people can copy the style and structure well enough that a lay person would not know the difference and it may even take the experts a bit to puzzle it out, but, eventually, even they will spot the subtle differences and feel gypped at being shown an inferior product.
     You, our faithful followers, are not an average Joe. You are connoisseurs of literature. Only a truly talented word smith can sate your hunger and need for the Divine written word. I understand this and would never dream of trying to post something that was anything less then sublime, so therefore those magic words are gone and all I can say to you all is: I'm sorry. Please don't be too discouraged I am sure that my next blog will be up to the standard you have come to expect from my quill. I will not let you down.
        Until then I hope you all enjoy life to the best of your ability while waiting on our next encounter.   Thank you for your understanding.
~ Michelle.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trying new things

      Last week I told you I was going to try making cider with the apples from our tree. Well, today was the day. It was hot earlier in the week and the flies were making the most of it so I didn't want to deal with them. Yesterday was freezing with high winds, rain, and bits of the s-word falling from the sky. Today was lovely. A little cool, but nice and the wind has died down considerably. It seemed like the perfect day to be outside and try something new. This is the first bag I brought in to clean. Don't they look nice? Now you can understand some of why I am so tempted by them.

This is Keith's cat Willow. She was sitting on the counter when I brought the apples in. She's not allowed to be there so she hid. Isn't she clever?

Anyway, back to cider making. My high-tech setup is not exactly the traditional method. Michelle told me she and her family did it this way but they ground the apples into a new set of knee high stockings.
I thought about going to the dollar store and picking up a pair but I have lots of muslin floating around from my quilting habit so I thought I'd use that. It worked fine back when I had my goats and made cheese. I lined a strainer with it and that is sitting in a bigger bowl. Not that you can see it in the photo.

I had plenty of supervision as you can see. Pitch decided he'd lounge in the sun and make sure I got it right. She is out of the frame but the dog is running around in the yard putting her two cents in as well. She almost got her foolish self in trouble but I'll tell you about that in a minute.

These are the apples as they came through the grinder. Lots more juice than I thought they'd have. The bowl filled up quickly and so did the strainer. I ended up setting the strainer and it's bowl on the floor to catch the juice that ran out the back of the grinder. It isn't exactly designed for fruits and vegetables so there is nothing to keep the juice from running out around the handle. I got the first bowl emptied and was working on the second when trouble showed up in the form of yellow jacket wasps. I was hoping it was too cold and breezy for them but I was wrong. I didn't really mind the first one. The second one at the party was a little more aggressive. But when we got up to five buzzing around I decided to call it quits. Besides, the strainer was really full so I decided to do some more tomorrow morning when it is cool again.
 I told you the dog almost got herself in trouble, well it was the yellow jackets. She has gotten quite adept at catching flies. I don't know why. She's a Dalmatian, why does she do anything? Well she was doing her best to catch the wasps so that was another reason to call it a day.

I squeezed as much juice out by hand as I could. I want to use my cheese press on the next batch but it is currently on top of the cupboard and it is HEAVY! I could imagine giving myself a concussion trying to get it down so it will have to wait until Keith gets home. But I still got a decent amount of cider considering I didn't even do a full grocery bag of apples.

I hung the pomace (ground up apples) up over the bowl so they could drip. I think there's still quite a bit of cider in there and I can't see letting it go to waste. I'll let you know next week how much I end up with. Thanks for coming along on my adventure. -D

 Question for the week: What are you giving out to trick or treaters for Halloween? I think I'm doing tootsie pops. Do any of you have things on hand for kids who can't have candy? I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall has Fallen

From our intensive research last week we decided chocolate seems to be the winner when it comes to dessert, especially when it is paired with fruit. Thank you to the three people who gave us your votes.

We are one week closer to publication. This week should see the end of fixes to the manuscript and then next week we will concentrate on getting the cover right. We will give you a sneak peak here on the blog and will probably give you a chance to let us know which cover design you prefer.

My project for the week, other than writing feverishly of course, is to try to turn a bunch of apples into some wonderful apple cider. Every year I get excited to see the bounty of fruit on the tree in our side yard. Visions of apple pies and apple crisps abound. I plan to make apple sauce to last the winter. And then I remember. I don’t really like apples. I did make a ton of apple sauce one year but then I actually had to eat it so I won’t be doing that again any time soon.  But surprisingly, I do like apple cider.

So this year I am going to use my meat grinder and cheese press to try to make some cider. It should be an interesting experiment. I’ll hopefully remember to take some pictures of the process and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Is it the leaves, the cooler weather, apple cider, or something else? Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Everybody Starts Somewhere

           Well hello all. So I was told I needed to start blogging. After several seconds of blank stare my friends realized I was clueless. I should take a minute and explain why I am clueless. Well at least about blogging, if we covered everything I'm clueless about it would require a novel to rival War and Peace.  I live on 53 acres of solitude, I have no tv, I have no internet, and no smart phone (owning a piece of technology that is smarter then me makes me leery). I don't Facebook or Twitter. I am blissfully ignorant of the world around me and hope I remain so for the rest of my days. I've only recently started using Google to look stuff up. That only took seven months of people telling me, ‘you can Google that ya know’. Let's just say when it comes to technology I'm a bit of a slow study.
            I'm also a conspiracy theorists, I am positive that one day this blog will be used against me and I will end up in a secret government facility where water boarding is how you get a shower and I will be forced to eat very spicy foods or starve to death.
So this is my very first attempt at social media but I'm not sure if this is what my friends had in mind. They said it could be about anything. You would think by now they would've realized wording is key.
            I mean should I talk about the Woolly mammoth park being built in Siberia? How about the possibility of Atlantis being found in the Amazon? What about time travel? Are you for it or against? How about chocolate verses fruit desserts? deserts? I can never keep those two straight. Let's find out where everyone stands on the chocolate/fruit dessert issue. This is an unconventional election year so let's see a show of taste buds and let us know where you stand on this important topic. Just like the government all votes will be confidential and tallied by an independent accounting firm, results will be available next week unless you all vote for the wrong candidate and I have to veto the results.
            Well there you have it folks, my very first attempt at reaching out to the masses on the World Wide Web. That is what that www thing means, right? Either way hit me back when you can and remember whichever you vote for, I retain the right to ask you to defend that position, possibly to the death. We take dessert very seriously around here. Until next time.